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சாண்ட்விச்சை இப்படி செய்தால் எல்லோருக்கும் எப்பொழுதும் பிடிக்கும்./ Travel Sandwich/ Lunch box

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# Bread sandwich # Healthy vegetable sandwich # Sechwan sandwich # kids Lunch box # சாண்ட்விட்ச் # Protein and calcium rich Healthy Vegetable Sandwich : Brown bread , butter , oil , cheese cube
For stuffing : Boiled potatoes ( mashed ) Sliced onions , grated carrot , shredded cabbage , cauliflower , capsicum , salt , Szechwan sauce , pepper powder , roasted sesame seeds, peanuts
Mint Chutney : Mint , coriander leaves , green chilli , salt , cumin seeds , Roasted gram , lemon

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  1. R.Harini Kanthinatarajan

    Very nice mam👌healthy and yummy sandwich.i first learnt to do sandwich from ur cooking show only .
    While using tawa u told to keep some weight on the plate to get even cooking.till now i am following that.i find it easier to make in tawa than in sandwichmaker.please give some tips while making in sandwichmaker.it sticks to the plate.

    1. Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath

      This is Food grade. It will not react with bread. Only sour things like tamarind , lemon may have some reaction if it comes in contact with aluminium

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