Bombay Chutney For chappathi / பம்பாய் சட்னி – செய்ய 5 நிமிடம் போதும்.ஆண்களும் சுலபமாக சமைக்கலாம்.

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Ingredients :
Bengal gram flour – 1/4 cup
water -3 cups (600 ml)
turmeric powder
Mustard seeds
Black gram dhal
Bengal gram dhal
curry leaves
green chillies
sliced onions
1 diced tomato

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  1. jayanthi swaminathan

    In Maharashtra this is called Zunka ( a little dry version) or pithle(the wet version you made), generally eaten with rotis made with jowar or rice. It tastes yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Aruna Ramesh

    Thank you for the recipe madam. Quick and easy sidedish for chapathi.
    Kindly share recipe for drumstick leaf soup madam. Your recipes focus on improving the nutrition value of the dishes, and one of the reasons I love your channel.

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