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Ellu Chutney, Coconutmilk Dosa/ எள் சட்னி& தேங்காய் பால்தோசை -English Subtitles-Mallika Badrinath

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Instant Dosa | Bachelors cooking | 2 Minute dosa

தேவையான பொருட்கள் :
ஆளி விதை
பச்சை மிளகாய்

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  1. PREM Latha

    Hi mam, thank you for sharing an instant dosa. It resembles our ‘ thengainpaal aappam’ but without fermentation. The ellu chutney , I will be doing this week itself ( highly nutritious & easy to make😀). Tqvm💐🙏

  2. Sudha Sriram

    இனிய வணக்கம் அம்மா ,சூப்பர் மா சட்னி சூப்பர் மா நிச்சயமாக செய்து பார்ப்போம் ,

  3. Sowjanya D

    Hello mam, how r u, this recipe is in ur 100 tiffin varities book, in the back side, there r instant dosa varities, there it is, it is called thil dosa, but there we mix with water, here we use coconut milk, here we roast on one side, that is the difference . for ellu chatni, I use to prepare as u said in rice varieties book, sooji with ellu pachadi , I will surely try this variaty also mam, thank s for sharing

    1. Sowjanya D

      Best wishes for ur continuous research efforts mam,our elders use to tell there is no end for learning, it’s the form of lord saraswati, I am very younger to u, I don’t know whether I am eligible to wish u r not, but I am wishing u, u r guiding so many youngster by way of ur cooking books and u tube channel, let the effort continue mam, thanks for ur reply

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