How to Control Your Hunger Post an Intense Workout Session –

Have you just started working out? Do you constantly feel hungry after an intense workout session? Well, this not uncommon. Most of the people experience an uncontrollable hunger just after finishing sweating in a gym and while trying to catch their breath. Also Read – Onions For Weight Loss: Most Effective Ways to Have This Food to Get Body of Your Dreams

This happens when you do not eat enough before indulging in the exercises. Your body requires energy to be able to do the workout. Not feeding it enough can make it crave for food. Also, you lose a lot of calories during the session and therefore feel an urge to eat something just after being done with the exercise to replenish the lost energy. Also Read – Virat Kohli Shares Workout Session, Performs Incredible Power Snatch While Listening to Punjabi Music | WATCH VIDEO

Moreover, a heavy workout session leads to increased blood flow and inflammation in certain parts that further increases the level of cortisol hormone. This is what makes you feel famished. Here we tell you certain ways to manage your hunger and avoid overeating after a workout session.

Feed Your Body Properly Before Working Out

Before jumping on a treadmill, eat something rich in nutrients and minerals. For example, a banana or a cup of black coffee would do the needful. Now, you must wait for an hour or at least 30 minutes to indulge in exercises after having the food. Notably, working out an empty stomach will easily make you tired and leave you thinking about food. A distracted mind won’t let you exercise anymore.

Hydration is Important

Dehydration can leave you feeling hungry all the time. It can also worsen your muscle pain that is a result of an intense workout. Dehydration also makes you feel dizzy and exhausted. So, it is significant to hydrate your body well before and after a workout session.

Eat Protein And Fibre Rich Foods

Protein helps in muscle building and fibre keeps you satiated for long. Therefore, choose your food wisely. Pick those packed with these nutrients to manage hunger and overeating post-workout.


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