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#Shorts 100 – Fruit &Nut chocolate – Quick &Easy method /Home made Cho colate – Mallika Badrinath

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Ingredients : Cooking chocolate bar -100 gms
(Compounded chocolate – Available easily)
Roasted badam & dry grapes

Three types of compounded chocolate is available
Milk chocolate
Dark chocolate &
White chocolate
Use anyone. or in combination.
Precautions :
Chocolate melting vessel & Spatula should not have any moisture. Even little wetness may affect the texture. No extra fat or sugar is necessary.Do not add.
Many stuffing & varieties can be prepared.
Available in all department stores in Chennai.
For large quantities you can buy in wholesale Essence shops in Walltax road.Chocolate moulds are also available there.Double boiler is also avIlable.
Do not keep on direct flame.
Spatula is convenient to take sticky chocolate from pan.Non stick vessels are convenient for this.


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