soft and spongy Sago Idli உடல் சூட்டைத்தணிக்கும்.சுலபமாக ஜீரணமாகும்.ஜவ்வரிசி இட்லி

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Ingredients : Raw rice Rawa ( processed)-3 cups , sago -1 cup, thick sour buttermilk -6 cups , green chillies , cashews, soaked Bengal gram dhal, ghee,salt

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  1. Padmalatha KrishnaKumar

    Thanks a lot mam..I was thinking how to reduce heat in the body since we are using ginger cinnamon pepper more to get immunity. We got this heat reducing menu in the correct time 🙂 thanks a lot


    Really your dishes are very different and awesome. I like you so much Amma. Neenga you tube channel romba latea start pannitteenga. Ippa enga veetla ungaloda recepes than. Kollu dosai rava dosai and etc no words to say ammaa thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Amma ☺️

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