V log :Grand ma ‘s Travel Cooker -How to use it? ருக்மிணி குக்கரில் சமைத்துப் பார்க்கலாமா?

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How to assemble and use this cooker in many ways?
Menu :
Rice cooking
carrot sambhar
Snakegourd porial.

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  1. Subashini Ganesan

    Amazing travel vessel mam. First time am hearing about this. It’s so brilliant how many vessels just this one big vessel is holding inside. Our ancestors were awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brinda Ananth

    Dear Mallikaji🙏
    Your explanation was very good, very well & detailed,
    it was easy to know All in Oneitself. My Patti has in Copper, but often we have to
    wash the insideit becomes black in colour. Don’t know the reason, yet very useful. Forgot how to use, now your explanation proved its worth. 🙏👌👌😊

  3. Gomathi Narayan

    my mother was using this type of cooker for
    daily cooking during 1967.after the introduction of prestige cooker she started
    cooking in pressure cooker.
    she was cooking for a family of eight
    items cooked in rukmini cooker was good
    no overcooking of veg but retains the nutrients

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