1. Vasanthi ST

    Watermelon and apple seeds have cyanide which gets released when we chew or grind it. Eating one or two accidently is not dangerous but it is extremely important to remove these before we eat or grind.

    1. Nimmi Ram

      @Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika BadrinathHello ma’am,
      Can you tell me where you bought your bangle type watch that you are wearing in the mysore masala dosa video on Feb 27? I had asked you last week ut never got a reply. Hope you will reply this time. Thamks.

    2. Mallika Badrinath veetu samayal / Mallika Badrinath

      Hope you know we all eat seeds of melon.It is good for health.Only apple seeds has cyanide.All the melon seeds are peeled and used in our country.We all regularly use melon seeds which is de husked.

  2. Divya Divya

    Amazing mallika ma. I am your great fan. Last 15 years I follow your books for all kinds of sweets ( my family’s favorite is gulgul & coconut burfi) I have also prepared kurma etc from the curries book. I still have to explore your juice book, it’s an encyclopaedia for me. Today I will try this one, since my son loves w.melon & strawberries & luckily I have all the ingredients 😁. Once in my lifetime I want to come home and see how you cook for your family. You are very professional mam. I’m Divya from Trichy 🙋

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